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Bob Hope Airport Could Become Los Angeles Burbank Airport

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Bob Hope Airport officials are thinking of making a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim move, changing the (unofficial) name of the airport to Los Angeles Burbank Airport. No one else likes this idea. Bob Hope is a great small airport beloved by Southern Californians for its ease and cheapness, but people flying into the region haven't figured out the secret—some people apparently think it's in Palm Springs, Texas, or possibly Vietnam. The airport hired a private consulting firm to put the place back on the map, reports the LA Times, and, based on their marketing research, they've recommended the Los Angeles Burbank option; officials are on board, but Bob Hope's family is kinda pissed. Their rep has suggested the perhaps even more ridiculous Hollywood Burbank Bob Hope Airport. Hollywood Burbank Airport has also been floated.

Burbank's mayor was annoyed that he and the city council weren't consulted about a possible name change, and "residents, business representatives and Burbank City Council members" were also against the recommendation. Apparently no one wants to see an "LA" tacked on ahead of Burbank. The consultants will do some more research before anyone votes on anything.

Bob Hope Airport has changed its name six times since 1930.
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Bob Hope Airport (BUR)

2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505