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Ray Bradbury's House Turned Into 451 Sets of Bookends

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In January, local starchitect Thom Mayne began tearing down the long-time Cheviot Hills home of author Ray Bradbury, with plans to build some kind of prototype "garden" house that will surely be spectacular. Well, he wasn't tearing it down exactly. He was having it disassembled, piece by piece, so it could be recycled. One of the things it's now been recycled into is 451 sets of wooden bookends, made by Los Angeles-based furniture company Saint Arbor and sold by The ReUse People, the firm that was hired to salvage the materials from the house (the number is in reference to Bradbury's most famous book, Fahrenheit 451).The bookends are sold out now, but cost $88.50, with a "portion" of proceeds going to the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at Indiana University. TRP didn't return an email asking about what portion that is or where the rest of the receipts will go.