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What's Up With the Gorgeous House Where Rihanna Tortures a Dude in "BBHMM"?

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Last week, Rihanna released the video for "BBHMM": a seven-minute-long neoliberal revenge fantasy in which she mutilates Hannibal from Hannibal in a beautiful Mid-Century Modern house. The internet has found some solid clues indicating Mads Mikkelsen here is a stand-in for Rihanna's former accountant Peter Gounis; in 2012, she accused Gounis via lawsuit of screwing her out of tons of money and getting her to buy a mess of a house in Beverly Crest that ended up costing her millions. The house was allegedly leaky and Rihanna claimed she was misled by basically everyone involved; she sold the place at a $1.9-million loss in 2012. And since money is the only thing Rihanna's persona really cares about, the persona gets its brutal revenge in "BBHMM," first kidnapping and torturing a woman on-screen, then tastefully cutting up the woman's husband off-screen.

Anyway, most importantly, all this torture is done in a very gorgeous house, which Rihanna has been very careful to wrap in plastic before her torturing session. We see Rihanna dragging a trunk full of kidnapped woman up the wide stone steps to the house. We see Rihanna lying naked and covered in blood on that same trunk, now full of money, on the house's lawn as the video opens and closes. This is the Fox Residence in Chatsworth, famously used in the lush "The Jet Set" episode of Mad Men.

The house was built in the late '40s or early '50s for Chase Manhattan Bank heiress Dora Hutchinson and was rented for quite some time by Frank Sinatra, who supposedly rented out the guesthouse to Marilyn Monroe (who supposedly slept with JFK there). The house is up for sale and was recently asking $7.5 million, but it's not really Rihanna's taste.

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Fox Residence

9361 Farralone Ave., Chatsworth, CA