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Here's Metro's Big Proposal to Speed Up and Cut Back on Los Angeles Bus Service

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Metro has just released a proposal for a massive restructuring of Los Angeles's bus system—the main idea is to speed up every line so buses come every 15 minutes, and to make that possible by cutting service in far-flung places and packing some buses a little tighter. Over at reddit, calwatch helpfully lays out the proposal:

Streets that would get 15 minute service that currently don't have it - Victory, Topanga Canyon, DeSoto, Tampa, Laurel Canyon, Glenoaks, Glendale Ave, 405 Freeway (788), San Vicente, Rosemead, Santa Anita, Ramona/Badillo, Valley, Main/Las Tunas, Olympic (East LA), Marianna/Eastern/Ford, PCH (232), Vermont/Gaffey, Century, Imperial, and Rosecrans. Meanwhile, routes that already run every 10 minutes or faster (like the popular 720) will get a little more crowded during peak hours—they'll go from an average of *17 standers to an average of 23.

Then, the worst performing lines will be considered for "remedial action," "meaning that they may have their service reduced or eliminated." Calwatch notes that the 177 and 120 are recommended for cancellation and the 620 and 68 could be combined. Many of the routes recommended for cancellation are in the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena area, and Inglewood.

And finally, some stops will be cut and some buses "traveling outside of our area" will be eliminated. That could mean annihilation of service to Malibu and Disneyland.

· Metro proposes 15-minute service network, funded by cutting nonperforming lines and Disneyland bus (p 6) [Reddit]