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The Most Quintessential Modern Bungalow in Highland Park is Up For Sale Asking $549k

Stone planters fronting a yard full of drought tolerant plants? Check. Steps up to the Arroyo stone porch? Check. Fabulous built-ins and yard out back? Double check. This hundred-and-one-year-old bungalow on the northern end of Highland Park sits on a gently sloping street off Figueroa and has everything off the HLP bungalow must-have list. Inside, the house's wood floors, decorative fireplace, and built-in drawers and shelves have been preserved. The kitchen has been updated, and the bathroom has new fancy tile.

The backyard is big enough for a covered patio, a tree fort, and a ground-level playhouse with room left to move around. Even parking's taken care of, via a detached garage with room for not one but two cars. The only bummer is that there seems to be only window-mounted air conditioning. Also, only one bathroom (but two bedrooms). Last sold in 2008 for $410,000, this place is now asking the perfectly typical price of $549,000.

· 6157 Springvale Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90042 [Redfin]