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Here's Why We Need a New LA Olympic Bid: Deborah Sussman

With Boston dropping out of the running for host of the 2024 Summer Olympics, the conversation has quickly turned to California as both a site and savior for the U.S. bid. After Mayor Marty Walsh called out the IOC for cost overruns and effectively passed the buck, dashing Boston's hopes for host duties, US Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun has been attempting to cobble together a bid before the looming September 15 submission deadline. LA, San Francisco and Washington have quickly reemerged as possible candidates. Los Angeles may be the most serious contender, since it already has a comprehensive plan and has twice played host to the Summer Olympics, in 1932 and 1984 (when it beat out Tehran to host a contest boycotted by the Russians). Seeing as how the city and USOC will have to move faster than a medal-winning relay team to make this work, we have a suggestion: focus on sites and logistics, and simply resurrect Deborah Sussman's incredible graphic identity from the 1984 games, one of, if not possibly the best, example of Olympic design.

One of the most eye-catching color palettes ever used for the games >>