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Rapper Tyga Keeps Not Paying for Expensive Calabasas Rentals

Tyga is all about breaking the law: the rapper is supposedly dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner (Tyga is 25) and he hates paying rent at the tony Calabasas mansions he's known to live in. Just last month, the "Rack City" performer was sued by a Calabasas landlord for $124,000 in back rent. Now, reports TMZ, he's on the hook for rent at a different Calabasas mansion, but this time it's for just $50,000. Pocket change!

Tyga has until Saturday to pay the rent or else the landlord says he'll begin eviction and tack on $833.33 a day in rent for as long as the money goes unpaid. If it's anything like the last place, Tyga will end up forking over the cash he owes in the end —he ultimately had to pay his last landlord $80,000—but he got to feel like a badass (briefly) for doing it on his own time.
· Tyga -- Worst Tenant Ever ... Sued AGAIN for Stiffing Landlord [TMZ]