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Mapping LA Neighborhoods By Yuppies, Cool Kids, Do-Gooders, Elites, and More

Where are all the single people who support public radio living these days? Or the married folks who drive their families around in their imported SUVs? A new map from the demographic data analysts at ESRI (via KCRW) offers answers to these and many more questions about what kinds of people call which neighborhoods of Los Angeles home. Residents have been grouped into categories with catchy names, like "Lattes and Laptops" or "Pleasantville," and general profiles, not just of the marital status and housing types those people prefer, but also what kinds of technology they use or don't use, what they spend their money on, and how they use their leisure time. Neighborhoods are broken down by zip codes and uses an array of data, mostly from the US Census Bureau.

· Map: Are your neighbors trendsetters or the Social Security set? [KCRW]
· Tapestry Map [ESRI]