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Super Little $320k Flip in Mt. Washington Now Asking $629k

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It's hard to tell now, but this 734-square-foot little cabin on the edge of Mt. Washington was looking pretty dilapidated when it was purchased for $320,000 in December (see the rough "before" photos below). Post-renovation, the two-bedroom house has "engineered oak wood" floors, a lot better flow (looks like a couple walls came out), and is almost 200 square feet larger than it was when it was last on the market. It also has new copper plumbing, roof, air-conditioning, and water heater, as well as new appliances in the kitchen, and the basement is probably less of a place that kids have nightmares about. Previously described as "a real fixer," the pristine little house is now listed for $629,000.

· 847 Ganymede Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90065 [Redfin]