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73 Percent of Roads in Los Angeles Are in Bad Shape

We know, we know—Los Angeles's streets are messed up. Outsiders have said it and the city has 'fessed up too. But the hits keep coming, like this one: of the biggest metros in the nation, only San Francisco/Oakland's roads are worse than LA's. So says a new study out from the nonprofit think-tank TRIP, adding that it's very close to being tied for first worst. The report found that 74 percent of SF/Oakland roads are terrible; 73 percent of LA's roads are in the same shabby shape, says the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. One slip-up, and LA could be back at the top of the heap, right where it was in 2013 (with only 64 percent of roads in terrible shape!).

TRIP is the same group that released a study in September finding that janky, ripped-up roads are costing LA drivers $955 a year. This year, TRIP's count says that number has crept up to $1,031. LA was also second there to SF/Oakland, and again only barely: they pony up $1,044 annually.

The release of the study dovetails with discussions in Washington about a federal transportation bill that would help lock down more funding for transportation projects, including fixing the battered roads. Even though federal money wouldn't smooth the roads out overnight, "Without a long-term funding guarantee from the federal government, it is near impossible for states and cities to plan projects."

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