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Rudolph Schindler's Goodwin House For Sale For the Second Time Ever

Modernist master Rudolph Schindler's Goodwin House was built in 1941 and never changed owners until 2012. The residence was in fair condition then and had clearly appreciated, but was in dire need of upgrades. The new owners of the Studio City property immediately set to painstakingly restoring the house—wood that was painted over was carefully stripped; almost all the doors and windows were replaced with copies, using photos when necessary to ensure that the house kept its character; the majority of the wood throughout the house, from cabinets to floors, is original too.

In some cases, modernization took full hold: the bathrooms, for example, are totally new, as is the kitchen, which the 2012 photos show was cramped and oddly shaped. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom Goodwin House is now asking $1.599 million. The listing isn't on the MLS until tomorrow, but we have a few photos—including a handful of the house back in the 1940s, shot by that great promoter of Modernism, Julius Shulman:

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