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The Brentwood Traditional That Engadget Bought is Asking $3M

Jason Calacanis is one of a couple of people you can thank for the great rise of the blogs in the early aughts (he's the one whose empire is not crumbling this week)—he cofounded Weblogs Inc., best known for its flagship Engadget, and sold it to AOL in 2005. Since then, he's founded a bunch of other stuff (, and invested in a bunch of companies (tumblr, Uber). And in 2006, he bought this place in Brentwood—a four-bedroom, five-bathroom Traditional built in 1940 that comes with a sun room, pool and poolhouse, detached gym/studio/whatever, and a two-car garage. Word is Calacanis has moved up to San Francisco; the house has been on and off the market for about a year now and has just gone back on for $2.998 million.

· 108 S. Woodburn Dr, Los Angeles [Official site]