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Here's Why Curbed LA Has Shut Down Comments

Curbed LA has some great commenters—you give us tips, make fascinating addenda to our posts, disagree with us, and let us know when we're wrong. But our commenting system has always been open and moderation has always been light, and that means we've also seen thousands and thousands of comments that were sexist, racist, hateful, cruel, arrogant. We don't want to give those comments room and cred anymore, so last week we shut our comments down, and they're going to stay shut down until we have an efficient way to let the good in and keep the bad out.

Of course we want to keep hearing from you: you can still comment on our Facebook page and send emails to our tipline, and we'll leave the comments open on the occasional post too. We hope you'll send us the same complaints and tips and fascinating addenda as always. And we'll be right here, every day, with the word from Los Angeles.