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Watch Huell Howser Narrate His Pool Demolition in This Amazing Home Movie

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This pool demolition out in Twentynine Palms was AMAZING and amazingly for us, one of California's greatest broadcasters was there to document it (because it was his house). Earlier this week, we found out that Huell Howser's "dream home" in the desert has been remodeled just a little and put up for rent for vacations or events. Huell fell in love with the house and bought it in the late nineties, then undertook an extensive restoration/update. Buried on the listing site is this seven-minute home video narrated in his charming-as-ever twang.

Huell Howser's Home Movies: 29 Palms Pool Demolition 2002 from Joan Robey on Vimeo.

· Huell Howser's Desert Dream Home is Now Available for Rentals and Weddings [Curbed LA]