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Church of Scientology Wants to Put Up Another Giant Glowing Sign in Los Feliz

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Scientology has put up so many giant glowing signs in East Hollywood and Los Feliz and they are not done yet. They've been working on installing an illuminated version of their logo "on an existing 15-story-tall antenna" at the historic former KCET studios on Sunset Boulevard, which they bought back in 2011, reports the Los Feliz Ledger. (The site is now used to produce media for the church.) Mega-architecture firm Gensler designed the sign, "a metal emblem and a 'halo' ring of LED lighting." The LA Department of Building & Safety and the Planning Department have already signed off on the sign, but suggested the public weigh in a bit more. According to the LFL, the public is not super psyched on the sign; the neighborhood council voted to deny its application (the vote is just advisory, though). A Gensler rep says they'll be making some changes.

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