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The secrets to getting into 3 hidden Malibu beaches

From where to park to where to lay down your towel


By state law, every inch of coastline in California is public. It's getting to the coast that's the trick. Everyone is allowed on the beach below the mean high tide line (roughly: on the wet sand) and there are supposed to be access points all along the coast so that the public can get to this publicly-owned land.

But the rich people who live along the coast hate that they have to share the beaches—in Malibu, in particular, the homeowners have gone out of their way to keep outsiders off the beaches. The state has had to spend years and millions fighting these beach hoarders and still there are no access points at all at many legit beaches.

The entry points that do exist are hard to find and sometimes misleadingly labeled. There are long stretches of beautiful, public sand out there that just about no one knows about.

And so in 2013, beach access expert Jenny Price developed the Our Malibu Beaches app, which has entries for every potential beach access point along Malibu’s coast (the locals hate it!).

It’s packed with everything you need to know to use these beaches, from where to park (and which “no parking” signs are probably fake) to which specific houses you can lay your towel down in front of. Here we reveal info on three of the coolest, most obscure spots, but the app has way more—and it's free on iPhone and Android. Best summer ever.