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Finally Yo La Tengo Destroys Silver Lake in Hipster Apocalypse

Whispery indie rock legends Yo La Tengo singing a cover of The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love" while drummer/singer Georgia Hubley ambles through Silver Lake's Sunset Triangle Plaza is the cool-kid version of the planets aligning, so it makes sense that when all three are in the same place at the same time, it's a harbinger of something big to come. In this case, that something big is a doomsday event that begins with the precious people of Silver Lake being taken out by fast-moving hearts that reduce whatever they hit to a spray of blood; the terror quickly spreads to the rest of the world. But what a way to go, right?

Streetsblog spotted the plaza's signature green tables and polka dots in the band's latest video; the eatery Pine & Crane and the church up the block that Dana Hollister is working into a boutique hotel can be seen briefly in the background too. Overall, a great video for anyone who has ever wished that the sappy hipster couple canoodling on the grass would just explode already.

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