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What $1,600 Can Rent You in Los Angeles Right Now

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent or buy for a certain dollar amount in various LA 'hoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Our friends at Zumper have helped us out with five listings within $100 of today's price: $1,600.

↑ Oh man, with a little writing nook like that, you can finally write that novel! This Franklin Village one-bedroom also has its own balcony, for taking thoughtful drags on cigarettes or people-watching. There's also access to the on-site swimming pool and one parking spot. As the litter box in the photos attests, a single indoor cat is okay here. Rent is $1,595.

↑ So cute you could pinch it, this two-bedroom bungalow in a whole little court of bungalows is quite the find. Nicely landscaped, the little house in Glendale has granite counters, wood floors, and, in the kitchen and bathroom, new fixtures. Even though there's central air conditioning, there are also ceiling fans in both bedrooms and in the living room. Wood floors run throughout the unit. Rent is $1,595.

↑ For some reason, the landlords of this Los Feliz studio are apparently anticipating a tenant who's not too familiar with LA, as the listing begins by explaining that it's an "affluent hillside neighborhood" that's "noted for its expensive historic homes and celebrity inhabitants." (None of which will likely be renting in this building, nice as it is.) The apartment is a top-floor unit at the back of the 11-unit complex, and has a newish-looking fridge and stove in its small kitchen. There's also a large window that provides lots of light but not much of a view. Rent is $1,595.

↑ This Studio City one-bedroom not only offers lucky tenants the opportunity to do laundry in the privacy and comfort of their own home, it also has a fireplace, a dishwasher, and a balcony. This rental is the Land of Plenty! There's carpet in most of the unit, which is not a bonus for everyone, but there is one parking space, which is a universal good thing. Rent is $1,695.

↑ This quaint little West Hollywood apartment sits just off San Vicente and Santa Monica, on "a quiet little street" that's close to the main drag. The one-bedroom unit comes with air conditioning, the fridge (important!), and the curtains. Oh yeah, "AND PARKING!" There's something strange going on with what looks to be some drawers in a closet (?), but the rest of the place is so inoffensive, and the location's so good, maybe just don't look at that part of the apartment. Rent is $1,650.

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