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Watch the Birth of LA's Rail System, 25 Years Ago Today

The latest iteration of Los Angeles was born 25 years ago with the opening of the Blue Line, the city's first modern rail line and the first light rail line since the last Red Cars stopped running in the early 1960s. According to the LA Times, the Blue Line—which travels between Downtown and Long Beach—is now "one of the most heavily traveled light-rail lines in the United States" and, meanwhile, LA has built "five more rail lines and 65 more miles of tracks, with 37 more planned during the next two decades." Right now there are lines under construction in South LA, West LA, Downtown, and the San Gabriel Valley. There's even a real plan in the works to send rail to LAX.

Unlike some of the newer rail lines, the Blue Line runs through a lot of barren territory, and there haven't been many concerted efforts to try to develop around it. It's also kind of slow and very dangerous. But it's been getting a series of station upgrades recently aimed at safety, ease, and aesthetics, and the important thing is that Metro rail started somewhere. And is going everywhere.

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