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280-Square-Foot Venice Cottage With No Kitchen Asking $1.3M

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Real estate in Venice in the last year or so has been a swiftly escalating exercise in topping itself in ridiculousness. Let's see: there was a falling-apart shack that sold for $1.44 million, then a one-bedroom stucco hut asking $2.2 million and featuring actual fingers in the listing photos (in more than one photo!!). Now let's meet this actually charming-seeming 1926 cottage near Windward Circle (and thus the beach), which nevertheless is still tiny, a total mess, and asking more than a million dollars.

The house is just 280 square feet with no kitchen and only half a bathroom, and it is in need of "a serious rehab." It's being used as an architect's office right now and the property is zoned for commercial use, but in such a way that will probably allow for residential redevelopment. (That said, the lot is pretty little: 1,912 square feet.) Either way, there's gated parking for two to four cars, which might be worth the asking price alone. That asking price is $1.275 million.
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