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Mohamed Hadid Getting Hit With Criminal Charges For Super Illegal Bel Air Megamansion

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Flout the rules in some parts of Los Angeles, developers, but not in Bel Air, where the neighbors are rich and raring to fight anything that might disturb their fancy way of life. Spec megamansion king Mohamed Hadid is learning this the hard way at the absurd, 30,000-square-foot palace he's been working on for ages now at 901 Strada Vecchia. And working on and working on, despite all kinds of orders to cut it out. And now he's getting the book thrown at him—the Beverly Hills Courier reports the LA City Attorney will bring criminal charges.

In response to complaints from neighbor Joseph Horacek, who lives in a mansion just below 901 Strada Vecchia, the city investigated Hadid's project, revoked permits a year ago, ordered him to stop work immediately last September, and told him to tear down all the illegal work in April. Hadid—who, incidentally is the ex-husband of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Yolanda Foster and the father of model Gigi Hadid—fought the stop-work order and meanwhile kept building, allegedly having workers hide progress behind tarps and potted plants. Finally, last month, the city denied his request for more time.

Now the case has been accepted by City Attorney Mike Feuer for criminal (probably misdemeanor) prosecution; a preliminary hearing could happen in early August.
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