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The Terrifying Stats on Just How Dry Los Angeles Has Been the Past Few Years

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The National Weather Service's rain year ended yesterday and Los Angeles received just 57 percent (8.52 inches) of the normal amount of rain over the past year. But it gets drier: the past four rain seasons combined had the lowest rainfall total for any four-season period since they started keeping records in 1877. Over four years of rainfall between 2011 and yesterday, Downtown LA got just 29.14 inches of rain, or 49 percent of normal. The last four-year period to set the record was 1947 to 1951, when the city got nearly five inches more rain than this last four-year period (34.02 inches).

And it gets DRIER. According to the NWS, "This is the first time since records began in Downtown Los Angeles in 1877 in which less than 10 inches of rain has been recorded in four consecutive rain seasons." This past year was also the eighth since 2001 that got less than 10 inches of rain. Downtown has also had four of the seven driest rainy seasons ever since 2001 (the driest was 2006 to 2007, which only got 3.21 inches of rain).

In summary: Los Angeles and all of California is in a drought, a very bad drought.

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