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Los Angeles Could Finally Get Its First Dog Beach

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The city of Los Angeles may finally be getting a beach where you can take your dogs (and take them off the leash). Yesterday, Councilmember Joe Buscaino submitted a proposal to allow dog owners to take their pups to Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, which would make it the first dog-friendly beach within city limits, reports City News Service. (Too bad it's a bit of a hike—if you're heading down that way, you might as well almost take your dogs to Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach, which is the closest off-leash dog beach right now.) The proposal specifically suggests a dog beach for inner Cabrillo Beach, on the harbor side—why? Because it's dirty. Environmental groups give it an "F" for its water quality, which is actually part of Buscaino's justification: by opening it up to dogs, he wants to send a message to potential swimmers that it's unsafe. Recreation and Parks officials and the people at the port (since this is San Pedro) are now evaluating Buscaino's proposal and will report back in the next 30 days. Leonard Hyman
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