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Rent a Studio in Beachwood Canyon's Kooky Krotona Colony

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Via our old chum Craig S. List comes word of a vacancy in Beachwood Canyon's historic Krotona Colony, where the mystical Theosophist Society attempted for a decade to build a utopia before decamping to Ojai in 1924. Though the ad doesn't supply a specific address for the unit up for grabs, it appears to be in the structure once known as the Grand Temple of the Rosy Cross. Designed in 1914 by architects Arthur and Alfred Heineman, the Moorish-style building's original function was to provide a larger space for public lectures and rituals, but after the Theosophist Society relocated to Ojai, it was reconfigured into small apartments. Unfortunately, the listing offers no interior photos and not a whole lot of detail, mentioning only that the unit features "hardwood floors, high ceilings and a kitchenette," while the property contains "lush landscaping, parking, on-site laundry, pool, commons areas, and spectacular views." Monthly rent for the loft single is $1,450, presumably including parking.

$1450 Charming Loft in the Hollywood Hills [Craigslist]