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This Tiny Little 1924 Bungalow in Venice is Renting For $2,550

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Just under a mile from the beach and several blocks off Abbot Kinney, this teensy little house looks pretty good for 91 years old. Obviously, it's had some work done. The kitchen appears to have fancy countertops of some kind, plus stainless steel appliances (and includes a fridge!). There are wood floors in the one giant room that makes up the place, plus a large mirror hiding closet space and effectively deceiving the eye about just how small this place is. There is an additional amenity on the deck behind the house: a washer and dryer, in its own little wooden cabin, and the listing mentions an unphotographed "separate alcove that could be used as an office or meditation room." Rent is $2,550.

· 630 Broadway St. #B, Venice, CA, 90291 [MLS]