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Compact Little Burbank House Right Off the Chandler Bike Path Asking $449k

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"Looking at condos but want a house?" Probably, right? Consider this not-quite-wee house in Burbank. At 854-square-feet, it's probably about as big as the apartment you're moving out of, but it's got a back patio, a washer and dryer (in the two-car garage), and a small, hilly front yard that looks out onto the Chandler Bike Path, which runs in the median along the street. Inside the two-bedroom house, there are wood floors, central air and heat, and dual-paned windows. The kitchen doesn't have fancy countertops, but it does have space and plenty of storage, in cabinets above and below. The master bedroom has a sliding glass door that leads out to the covered back patio, which is definitely roomy enough for some guests and a grill. The place is listed for $449,000.

· 3109 West Chandler Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505 [Redfin]