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What the Median $2,498 Rents You in Los Angeles Right Now

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent or buy for a certain dollar amount in various LA 'hoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Our friends at Zumper have helped us out with five listings within $100 of today's price: $2,498, the Zillow Rent Index number (a kind of median that considers the cost of all rentals) for April 2015.

↑ This 1,100-square-foot two-bedroom in Pico-Robertson has a lot going for it. Wood floors throughout, on-site laundry, assigned parking, roomy-enough closets, and large windows, but it's that "new kitchen" that really deserves a closer look—namely that fridge-sized hole in the cabinetry. All this nice stuff and no fridge? Welp, guess no unit is perfect. Rent is $2,450.

↑ There is no pretending that this little one-bedroom Pasadena cottage isn't the cutest thing ever, right up there with a very chubby, giggling baby or a kitten in a teacup. At 765 square feet, it's bigger than some of the new one-bedroom apartments Downtown. The tiny 1923 house comes with an "updated" kitchen and bathroom and French doors that lead out to a small, private patio. It does not seem to have parking or on-site laundry. Rent is $2,450.

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms? The Valley ain't so bad. This Studio City unit isn't the most vintage or charming, but it's big and all the stuff inside look pretty new. Plus, this one definitely has its own fridge. There are some fancy touches in here: recessed lighting, travertine in the bathrooms, a master bedroom that "can easily fit a CA King bedroom set + more." (Finally!) The unit comes with two side-by-side spots, and rents for $2,475.

↑ This two-bedroom in a Silver Lake duplex is very firm about its rules. NO DOGS! NO SMOKERS!" Aside from that, it seems like a cool place to call home. Located just off Rowena, the unit comes with a patio, assigned parking, a large kitchen, and lots of storage space. The house appears to have window-unit air conditioning and ceiling fans, necessities for the summer. Rent is $2,500.

↑ The listing for this one-bedroom in a Santa Monica duplex about a mile from the beach doesn't list square footage, but the bedroom itself looks pretty roomy. (Assuming the room with the built-in dresser is the bedroom.) There's a weird, cramped, foyer-type space near the door that's mysterious, but the listing says "huge living room," so they are probably not the same thing. Probably. The galley-style kitchen has some cool, green tile on the counters and a dishwasher, and there's in-unit laundry, but probably not any parking. Rent is $2,595.

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