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Huell Howser's Desert Dream Home is Now Available for Rentals and Weddings

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Image by Jill Paider via The Wheelhouse

When California treasure and public television host Huell Howser died in 2013, he left behind his "dream home" in Twentynine Palms, out by Joshua Tree National Park, which he had lovingly restored and updated. The 1953 residence was decorated with an eclectic assortment of repurposed items (all collected by Huell) and offered serene and unfettered views of the mountains and desert that surrounded it. The house came up for sale after his death and sold last year, for $395,000, to artist Joan Robey, who is now marketing it as an event space called The Wheelhouse—it's available for rent for photo shoots; retreats for writers, artists, and yogi; weddings; and "extended family holidays," according to the official website.

It appears that, in addition to buying Huell's house, Robey bought an adjacent parcel of about 70 acres that Huell had purchased to safeguard those awesome vistas. (It was for sale at the same time as the house.) So the Wheelhouse is located on about 80 acres now. Many of the additions made by the house's famous former owner (concrete counters in the kitchen; the fabulous, industrial paned-glass sitting room; the Belzberg Architects rusted metal fence) have remained, but there are a lot more pastels inside these days. There are no rates listed on The Wheelhouse's site, so if you're thinking of booking your yoga retreat here, you'll have to inquire.

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The Wheelhouse

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