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NFL is Looking For a Place to Play in LA For 2016

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With competing stadium plans in Carson and Inglewood racing toward getting built, the NFL has started to test the waters at the Rose Bowl, the Coliseum, and a handful of other, unnamed venues to see if one or more of them might be willing to host an NFL team or teams for the 2016 season if they relocate, says the LA Times. Finding a temporary home for a team that's only theoretically coming might not seem like big deal, but locking a short-term venue down in LA is a threshold that the NFL hasn't crossed for quite a while.

The NFL confirmed that they're looking around, but didn't name other sites being explored as temporary locations for the 2016 season beyond the Pasadena and Expo Park venues. (Maybe football-hungry Dodger Stadium is in on the action?) NFL owners have a special meeting coming up in August where they'll discuss the possible move of one or two teams to LA, and the venues that have agreed to host a team for a season will be a part of that discussion. It's worth noting that "At no point during the past two decades has the NFL gotten so far as to commit to a temporary venue in the L.A. market."

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Park race track in Inglewood has been demolished to make way for the huge, mixed-use development that would contain Rams owner Stan Kroenke's stadium, and the Carson plan is moving forward by detoxing the former landfill site where a joint Chargers-Raiders stadium would rise.
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