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Downtown LA Just Got a Super Fancy New Bus Shelter

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The fanciest bus stop in Los Angeles by a long shot just rolled out on Spring Street, sandwiched between Grand Park and City Hall. First of all, this is a legit bus shelter, with a roof and everything. For some, that's cause for celebration right there, but it gets better. The Source says that this shaded shelter is outfitted with a USB port where riders can charge up their devices and a WiFi hotspot (go ahead and download that podcast!). And of course it's got electronic signage churning out real-time arrival info for Metro and DASH buses, and a button to push to receive audio announcements of that information.

The luxurious City Hall bus shelter, just announced today, is a Metro and LADOT project. It'll be observed to see how reliable all the tech features are, how jacked up everything gets from vandalism, and how useful the bells and whistles end up being.

There are also nine other bus shelters around with the electronic, real-time-arrival signage, but the Spring Street beauty is the first to have all the amenities of a Starbucks (minus coffee). More decked-out shelters are planned to roll out in "the next couple of years" across LA County.

The bus stop talks to me!

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