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Los Angeles is Getting a Big Public Art Biennial on the LA River

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The LA River already has a big, ol' water wheel headed its way, and a massive, in-ground art piece at the Bowtie Parcel (plus a million other projects on the docket), but now there's going to be a whole huge wave of public art crashing on the river's banks in the coming years. Los Angeles has just won a $1-million public art grant from former NYC mayor/billionaire Michael Bloomberg's charity, KPCC reports. LA's winning proposal calls for the launch of the city's first ever Public Art Biennial, which will bring water-themed art to sites along the revitalizing waterway and other spots throughout the city.

The description of LA's project on Bloomberg Philanthropies' site says that the city will commission "up to 15 multidisciplinary artworks and public programs" that all touch on water conservation in some way. The artists haven't been chosen yet, but Marc Pally will serve as artistic director.

The money's going to be handed out over the next two years. LA was one of four winning cities out of 237 applicants.
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