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1960 Eichler With Supercool Pool Up For Grabs in Orange

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This four-bedroom house in beloved mid-century developer Joseph Eichler's Fairhaven tract in Orange has plenty of space (2,033 square feet) and loads of period cool, thanks to original details like vintage kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. There are also some new additions to the 1960 house, including concrete floors and (much appreciated) central air conditioning. The interiors feature beamed ceilings, a formal dining room, spacious atrium, and a large statement fireplace. The corner living room is bounded on two sides by walls of glass (just two of many throughout the house) that overlook one of the most '60s elements of the whole place: a pool with a waterfall, lava rock, and a little bridge spanning the water. Seated on an 8,276-square-foot lot, the house is listed for $890,000.

· 3810 East Fernwood Avenue, Orange, CA [Estately]