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LA Noir Novelist James Ellroy Selling House Filled With His Own Books in the Hollywood Hills

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It's not too hard to guess that this Spanish abode in Bronson Canyon might be the home of Los Angeles noir novelist James Ellroy—many of the books in the photos appear to be his own titles, and several framed posters and book covers mounted around the house bear his name (also Variety confirms it). Filling his house with his own books, which include the LA Quartet—The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, LA Confidential, and White Jazz—is kind of Ellroy's thing; a 2009 interview with the Paris Review noted that in Ellroy's then-home, "Two massive dark mahogany bookshelves frame the entrance to his living room. The bookshelves are full. Every single book is by James Ellroy.")

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom dwelling dates to 1926, and features original elements like hardwood floors and arched windows, but Ellroy picked it up in 2012 for $1.199 million. The living room has decorative ceilings and a fireplace and opens onto a walled-in garden; in the master bedroom, there's another fireplace, plus French doors leading out to a courtyard. A guest studio/office space with its own entrance comes complete with its own bathroom and patio. Ellroy's selling it all for $1.395 million.

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