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First Look at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Studios' First Outdoor Rollercoaster

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Serious work has been underway for a while now on the first pieces of the massive expansion at Universal Studios and Universal City, which include the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a re-creation of several of the fantastic haunts of the boy wizard and his witchy friends. Today we finally get to see what it'll look like (just in renderings, not photos). An official press release, via Inside Universal, says that the centerpiece of the World will be an flight-simulating attraction called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which, in a surprise twist, "will now be in 3D, with guests donning Quidditch-themed goggles."

According to the LA Times, in the Forbidden Journey, riders will sit on "magic benches" attached to "robotic arms" that will make the riders feel like they're flying. "The technology give guests the sensation that they are flying behind Harry Potter, avoiding dragons, giant spiders and an enchanted tree," which is probably extra fun with that 3D element.

The new Harry Potter World will also feature the first outdoor rollercoaster at Universal Studios—Flight of the Hippogriff will be an "enchanting family coaster." (Read: this isn't Six Flags, guys.) Because this is a whole world of themed fun, there will also be a Hogwarts castle; a place to buy butterbeer; shops from the movie, like Ollivanders wand emporium, where you'll be able to drop some money on wizard robes, wands, and those gnarly jellybeans that taste like earwax and old eggs.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter sits on the former site of the Gibson Amphitheater and the Curious George play area. The World's official opening date is the spring of 2016.

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