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14 New Views of the Big Redesign at the LA Convention Center

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Earlier this week, a Los Angeles city panel chose the winning designs in the competition to design the $350-million reboot of the dusty old Los Angeles Convention Center. At the time, we had a few colorful renderings to go on, but now a ton of new renderings by the winning team of HMC Architects and Populous have popped up on Mayor Garcetti's Facebook page (via Urbanize LA).

There are many, many brand new renderings here offering a better look at what HMC and Populous have in mind for the reimagined complex, which will include lots more meeting space, a structure spanning Pico Boulevard, and a new ballroom, among other features.

The expansion and upgrades to the convention center have been a long time coming. Back before a plan to build an NFL stadium in Downtown LA had totally died, the convention center was slated to be improved as a part of that huge project. But when it became clear that the stadium wasn't going to happen, the city started exploring other possibilities and, in spring 2014, launched the design competition, taking bids from teams of Gensler and Lehrer Architects, and AC Martin and LMN Architects. The panel selected HMC/ Populous this week; the team will still need to be approved by the LA City Council.

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