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Rancho Palos Verdes Residents Freaking Out Over Hikers Hiking at Hiking Spot

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Rancho Palos Verdes residents living near Del Cerro Park are freaking out over people hiking near their houses, people they claim are "chatty hikers slamming car doors at dawn," coming in droves from OUT OF THE AREA, taking up parking on Crenshaw Boulevard (which ends near the entrance to the park), and, when that's gone, looking for spots on residential streets, says the Daily Breeze. Imagine the nerve! Many of the hikers are coming to the area around the park because that's where the main entrance to the picturesque (and very clean) Portuguese Bend Reserve is, supposedly driven by that evil social media.

The president of a local homeowner's association says that the area's seen "a dramatic increase" in crime and graffiti over the last two years, but a sheriff from a local station says, while there's definitely an increase in people and cars, crime has actually gone down since 2012, when there was a slight rise.

To try to pacify residents, because who cares about people who want to enjoy public space, city officials have decided to paint the curbs red on one side of Crenshaw sometime next month, removing them from the parking supply. Doing so will cut the number of available spots on the street in half, from 82 to 40. Then residential streets will be reserved exclusively for resident parking. City officials admit they don't even know if that'll help at all. It's not like people are going to want to stop hiking at the spot. "We don't know what the unintended consequences will be yet, but if someone drives an hour to go on a hike, they're not going to turn around and go home because they can't find a parking space," the city manager says.
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