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Los Angeles Residents Just Keep Driving Less and Less

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Los Angeles has a complicated relationship with the car—the city was molded throughout the mid- and late- Twentieth Century to rely on them, but as it filled up, they started to feel more and more like little metal prisons. Over the past 20 years, LA has started to rebuild its lost public transit system (and the process has been sped up over the last decade with the help of the Measure R sales tax), and Angelenos have gradually been driving less and riding buses and trains more. Future Santa Monica City Manager and outgoing Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Rick Cole tweeted the chart above, from an LA City Planning report (just exactly which one is mysterious), showing a consistent decline since 2002 in per capita vehicle miles traveled, or how much each person drives. In 2013, the average Angeleno drove over an hour less than she did in 2002. Progress!
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