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Here is a Bright White Circular 1970s Mansion in Rancho Mirage That's Cool as Heck

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Rancho Mirage's Thunderbird Heights neighborhood is so hoity-toity that rumors that the president is moving in actually seem plausible (but ultimately are untrue). It's in that ultrawealthy corner of RM that this effortlessly hip spaceship house is located. The circular house includes a circular patio surrounded by a circular pool. (Wait, is there a theme here?) The interior feels kind of like it could be the outside, thanks to large expanses of curved, floor-to-ceiling windows that afford views of the 1.17-acre property. Minimal white decor and terrazzo floors run throughout the house, which has a 90-foot diameter and four bedrooms; the sleek kitchen has what appear to be marble countertops and an island with bar-style seating. Last sold in 2004 for $1.7 million, it's now listed for $4.5 million.

· 41915 Tonopah Road [Official site]
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