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LA Getting Its First Year-Round Whale Watching Service

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People give Los Angeles a hard time for its supposed lack of seasons, but they totally ignore the limited scope of things around here that definitely do have a season. One of those activities is whale watching. Right now, there's a time for that, and it's what the Pacific gray whale calls "winter" (December through May). Dan Salas, the owner of Long Beach-based whale watching company Harbor Breeze Cruises, is hoping to create the first year-round service, leaving out of San Pedro and called Los Angeles Whale Watch, the Daily Breeze reports. Salas says that lots of different whales (blue whales, fin whales) have been showing up more prominently in the waters off the LA coast all year round, so why not have people come to see them? He's just gotten the first new boat permit issued at the Port of Los Angeles in decades and started trips this past weekend (it's now June, FYI).
Salas, a San Pedro native, is also hoping that his new tours and the future, remodeled Ports O' Call shopping village will help each other out. Los Angeles Whale Watch runs out of four boats docks right behind the fantastic and fun San Pedro Fish Market. The Ports O' Call, meanwhile, are awaiting the finalization of huge plans to overhaul the older complex for something a bit flashier that might even include a hotel.
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