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Rent a Mid-Century Modern by Nomland & Nomland in the Hollywood Hills

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Today's fracking of the bottomless mine that is Craigslist shakes loose this posting for a mid-century post and beam in Beachwood Canyon designed by Case Study architects Kemper Nomland and Kemper Nomland, Jr. Located on Alcyona Drive, the three-bedroom, two-bath residence was built in 1950 for influential mid-century graphic designer Lou Frimkess, while its landscaping was designed by the renowned Garrett Eckbo. Per the ad, the 1,552-square-foot house "is close to original condition and extremely well taken care of." Features include walls of glass, beamed ceilings, built-ins, a front courtyard, and a "step-down walkable yard." Be warned, however, that this is "definitely not for someone that is accustomed to big open space kitchen with HUGE bathrooms with granite countertops. This home is for the person that really understands architecture and that really appreciates Mid-Century design." Monthly rent is $4,200.
$4200 / 3br - 1552ft2 - Kemper Nomland Mid-Century with Views