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Inside the Allegedly Paparazzi-Proof New Terminal at LAX

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Delta and LAX have just unveiled the airport's madeover Terminal 5 (part of a long, rolling overhaul at the airport) and it's got a little something for rich people and celebrities, unlike every other part of human experience: anti-paparazzi facilities. There's the VIP Delta One lounge, "hidden behind frosted glass sliding doors" at curbside, as The Hollywood Reporter reports, where anyone who pays can check in, check their bags, grab a refreshment, then hop an elevator to "a private corridor that funnels directly into a premium security line." After that, a special handler will take them to the new Sky Club, where there are shower suites and food service.

On the other hand, there's the "unadvertised" VIP Select service, which starts at $350 on top of a first class ticket, and involves a Porsche pick-up directly on the tarmac. The car will take the monstrous assholes who use this service "through a special gate to a secret subterranean location somewhere on Century Boulevard, to be met by their own personal driver." (Find the bunker and you've found the starting point for the revolution!)

For the plebs, the new Terminal 5 also has a new dining court with a Ford's Filling Station and "Original Farmers Market," new jet bridges, a bigger ticketing lobby, and four new security checkpoints. It's not a Porsche, but it is the opportunity to be treated slightly less like cattle.

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