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Inside Two New Little Blackbirds Houses in Echo Park

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The much-awaited, 18-unit, small-lot house project designed by architect Barbara Bestor and developed by LocalConstruct is finally here. Blackbirds officially opens this weekend, and features two- and three-bedroom houses built around outdoor spaces, both shared and private. Floorplans on the development's site show that the residences will range from 1,365 to 1,920 square feet. Two listings already up for houses in the project show plenty of lovely subway tile, white paint, large windows, patios, and fantastic views, which never come cheap (especially in Echo Park). Of the two on the MLS now, the least expensive one is listed for $795,000.

2022 Vestal Avenue: This is the smaller floor plan with just over 1,360 square feet, but still gets two roomy bedrooms and three bathrooms comfortably inside. The floors are polished concrete downstairs and white oak upstairs. Custom cabinets in the house include floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. There's an (unpictured) rooftop deck, too! The landscape design is all by the fabulous Mia Lehrer and includes pine trees and lavender. It's listed for $795,000.

2040 Vestal Avenue: Spread out a little across the 1,582-square feet this place has to offer. Like its counterpart, it features polished concrete floors, fancy landscaping, tailored cabinets, and a rooftop deck. It's got a bit more room, though, and it feels larger, too, thanks to a few walls of glass here and there. This three-bedroom residence is listed for $955,000.

These are the first two houses to be listed, but as the month progresses, the remaining ones will be making their way onto the market, a rep for the project tells Curbed.

· 2022 Vestal Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
· 2040 Vestal Avenue, Los Angeles CA
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