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Upper-Level Condo in Pasadena's Landmark Mid-Century Villa San Pasqual Asks $479k

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It's been a while since one of these delightful, mid-century condominiums in Pasadena's charming, Caltech-adjacent Villa San Pasqual has popped up. The complex was built in 1995 by developer Lionel V. Mayell, a condo pioneer, and is a city landmark that's eligible for Mills Tax benefits. The 915-square-foot unit itself is on the second floor and faces out to a central, grassy courtyard. Inside, there are hardwood floors throughout and what looks like the same 1950s kitchen it has always had. The living room gets great light, thanks to sliding glass doors, and has a serious fireplace. The two bathrooms are described as "original," which explains the pinkness of at least one of them. The two-bedroom condo also has a large balcony, which is a nice feature, though the view does seem to be of the side of another building. The unit's asking $479,000, plus $480 monthly HOA fees.

· 1000 San Pasqual Street Unit 37, Pasadena, CA [Estately]