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New Beverly Hills Welcome Signs Will Be Huge and Bad

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Beverly Hills is worried that their signature city shield, mounted on a slim post at several entryways into the city, is being "obscured by traffic lights," so they've gone and contracted Gruen Associates to create 40-foot-tall columns that look a little like cologne bottles and feature the traditional Beverly Hills sign on one side and the city's official seal on the other. Los Angeles magazine reports that the towering new markers will sit on islands at the intersections of Olympic and Spalding and Wilshire and San Vicente, surrounded by date palms and "granite topped walls." They're expected to complete this September. Most people have no trouble knowing when they're in BH because they can see all the tour buses and expensive foreign sports cars, but these giant white markers will really drive it home. *UPDATE 6:14 p.m.: A Beverly Hills public information officer writes to say, " The sign at San Vicente and Wilshire will actually be 30 feet high, not 40 (an old rendering was used). And the gateway signage under construction at the Spalding/Olympic intersection is a completely different design than the image posted here." A new rendering of the Spalding/Olympic sign is below.