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Silver Lake Whole Foods: Opening Date and Details REVEALED

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It's been a while since we heard from the Silver Lake Whole Foods slated to take over the spot vacated by the Ralphs in a stripmall on Glendale Boulevard near Fletcher and Silver Lakers were constantly getting nervous about the lack of news, but everyone: relax. It's coming. First announced back in 2013, there were delays but reassurances that gluten-free everything and bulk bins were still headed to the site at some unspecified time in the future. Now Eastsider LA hears from store reps that the store is expected to open in late summer 2016.

The new Whole Foods will feature a 51-seat restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating and, hopefully, a wine bar. Whole Foods hasn't received permits to sell and serve beer and wine yet, but it seems likely they'll get them. (They're also hoping to get an alcohol license that will let them have wine tastings sometimes, because it's the freaking Silver Lake Whole Foods.)

Remodeling to transform the husk of the Ralphs into a Whole Foods is set to get underway sometime this summer. The planned Downtown Whole Foods, set to open inside a brand-new apartment building, is scheduled to open its doors this November.
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