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Eagle Rock's Colorado Boulevard Can Stay Open Past 9 PM Now

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Eagle Rock's Colorado Boulevard is where most of the eateries and hotspots in the neighborhood are clustered, but until recently it was officially under a lame 9 pm curfew. The rule applied to some businesses and not others, and was pretty unpopular (especially with newish business owners, we guess). Now the requirement that had many businesses closing up shop relatively early is a thing of the past, says a release from area rep Councilmember Jose Huizar's office. The LA City Council voted today to amend the overall planning document that mandated early closures so newer businesses can stay open later.

The requirement was part of a larger planning document, the Colorado Boulevard Specific Plan, which is credited with keeping the busy boulevard walkable. The old rule maintained that businesses that opened after 1992 had to get special permission from the Planning Department if they wanted to stay open "late" (after 9 pm), but older businesses were exempt from this rule. Newer businesses that were denied the right to stay open later would have been at a disadvantage compared to older ones that didn't have to worry about the restriction, but many new businesses either weren't getting the permission or "simply [ignored] the curfew." A dispute about the operating hours of a newer sports bar on Colorado caused a reexamination of the whole no-business-after-9 rule.
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