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Renter Horror Stories: Jackhammers, Roaches, Mice, and Masturbation in Santa Monica

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This Renters Week we're collecting and sharing the worst Renter Horror Stories, downright terrifying tales of renting in Los Angeles. Have you had an awful experience with a roommate or a landlord? Share your story to qualify to win a two-night staycation at a local boutique hotel (anonymity guaranteed). Take a quick look at the official rules and submit your tales of renter anguish and horror to our tipline!

In 2009 my wife and I lived above the ski shop I worked at in Santa Monica, California. It seemed great in the beginning; work in the shop downstairs, go home upstairs, no driving through the horrendous traffic of LA, perfect! The studio apartment was 250 square feet and my then girlfriend, now wife were living together for the first time.

We found out shortly the air conditioner was installed sloping inward, so when it ran, the condensation leaked inside our humble abode. Next the building next door was demolished to make room for the new 3 story apartment building going in, jackhammers, saws, and hammers sounding off starting at 7am. The building stood on Santa Monica Blvd, part of historic Route 66 and a main thoroughfare in Santa Monica, cars driving up and down day and night. Still, we rode though these minor issues, we were young and in love.

We kept cans of cockroach spray all around the one room studio, the little guys would crawl out of anywhere in the 100 year old building. Little is an understatement, they were as long as my middle finger, which is what I wanted to give to my boss/landlord.

The final straw occurred in January when it actually rains in Southern California. The downpour came rolling in and all the mice hanging around the building and construction area came rushing for cover. I caught 11, yes 11, mice in one evening. I couldn't set the traps fast enough.

There was a bright spot though all the hurdles, our only neighbors moved out and we had a "spare apartment" in which we could keep our skis, bikes, and surfboards. We had a couple of my college friends stayed in our spare apartment for 3 weeks, they liked to come over for "breakfast beers" around 8:30am every morning. My wife had enough when my boss moved his ski shop and sold the building to a guy with a creepy crackhead grandson who was starting a new ski shop in the space and was caught pleasuring himself in his truck one morning in the parking lot.

I knew if we could live together in the space for a year she was the girl to take the adventure of life with. Needless to say we moved to Denver for better skiing and fresh pow, never to look back.
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