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Ultra-Secluded Palm Springs Midcentury Lists With $1.2-Million Worth of Furniture and Art

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Location: Palm Springs, California
Price: $3,450,000

Shielded by 12-foot high windowless white walls and imposing aluminum-clad double doors, this fortress-like 1969 Palm Springs estate is a true time capsule. The 5,471-square-foot pad was built for venture capitalist Jerome Factor, a cousin to businessman Max Factor, who owned a more high-profile seven-suite compound nearby. Looking pretty much exactly as it did in a 1973 issue of House Beautiful, the three-bedroom residence features the well-preserved original interiors by noted designer Richard Himmel, as well as most of the original appliances. And then there's the art. A terrazzo entrance gallery and main gallery feature more than a dozen contemporary paintings and sculptures that, combined with all furnishings, are worth nearly $1.2 million.

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