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The Glassellland Sign Could Go Legit and Make a Comeback

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The Glassellland sign has tried and failed and failed again to just exist, but maybe going legit and getting the approval of the city will help get it up again, though briefly. Eastsider LA says that city park commissioners will vote tomorrow on whether artist/Glassellland ambassador Justin Stadel can put up the sign on a fence above Verdugo Park for six months, not far from the last spot it held on Kinney Street.

Staff of the Recreation and Parks Department have recommended that the commissioners consider the installation public art and approve Stadel's proposal. The sign would be made up of 10-foot-tall letters, and, according to the staff report, is "intended to give the surrounding community of Glassell Park a local landmark."

The sign last appeared off Kinney Street, but was taken down after a visit from a building inspector who said it violated LA's laws about signage in residential areas.
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