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Sorry, New Yorkers, You Cannot Rent a Los Angeles Dream Home For $1,250

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New York Times coverage of Los Angeles has always been willfully clueless, because it makes New Yorkers feel better about themselves to sniff at LA, but lately it's become very troubling in a different way: rather than patting New Yorkers on the back for their smart decision to live in terrible New York, recent stories have suggested that Los Angeles might actually be palatable for young, rich, white New Yorkers. This past weekend, an article in the notoriously trolling Sunday Styles section went ahead and said it, in the worst way possible:

Unlike some of the other Los Angeles publications quoted in the Times story, Curbed LA welcomes transplants. Los Angeles is a young city that was built and made great by non-natives ranging from Charles Lummis, the early booster who walked here from Ohio, to Michael Govan, the DC native who's right now leading a renaissance on the Miracle Mile as head of LACMA. Los Angeles is very full already, but new people bring new energy, new skills, outside perspectives; new Angelenos will help clean up some of the messes the old Angelenos made. However, the New York Times is not suggesting that people who live in New York should move and make new lives in Los Angeles:

The New Yorker is always going to be a nonnative species in Los Angeles, which has its own status codes, its own rhythms, its own body language. It's suggesting that New Yorkers—the particular "creative class" breed who have helped make New York completely unaffordable and insufferable, incidentally—invade Los Angeles.

If barrel-aged rye cocktails in a temperate location aren't enticing enough, the Times offers this real estate fairytale:

For $600 less than the $1,850 a month [fashion stylist Christina] Turner was paying for her grim junior one-bedroom in Greenpoint, she found a charming two-bedroom 1920s bungalow in Echo Park with a gated yard, cactuses, a barbecue, a separate work studio and a garage. For $1,250 a month, the New York Times says, you can rent a two-bedroom bungalow with a yard, studio, and garage in one of Los Angeles's most popular neighborhoods. To anyone who has ever lived in Los Angeles or outside of their own cocoon of delusional superiority, this is absurd on its face.

And confirmed: in an Instagram comment yesterday, a friend of Turner's roommate (DUH) posted "My friend lives above that girl--$1250 is her half of the rent. Apparently NYT never asked her for any clarification." The Times clarified the roommate situation in an update this morning.

So New Yorkers, we know it still sounds pretty good, but paradise in Los Angeles is not completely dirt cheap. It's $2,500 a month. And Bar Stella is pretty packed with beards already.
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